Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 August 2012 - Russian Rockers!

Motorama - "To The South"
Magnetic Poetry - "Follow Me"
The Heather - "Why do you Laugh"
Everything By Electricity - "Lights Down Low"

Cola Koala - "Journey To The Moon" (produced by Blackbird Blackbird)
Ifwe - "Вся Моя Радость" (produced by Nite Jewel)
Дерево, Бозье - "Feeling"
Парни - "Я хочу кого хотеть нельзя"

Manicure - "I Don't Mind"
Major Tom - "GPV"
Palms on Fire - "Simple Perfect Life"
2muchachos - "Bicycle travel"

Chaos In Heathrow - "Личность"
Roundelay - "The River" (produced by Jeremy Gara of Arcade Fire)
KDIMB - "Весна в Торонто"
The Retuses - "Neuhausen"

Listen to the archive HERE!


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