Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29 March 2011 - Goldsoundz Presents: "An Island" Free Movie Screening

There's no show tonight, but we'd just like to mention that tomorrow Goldsoundz will be screening the latest project from French filmmaker Vincent Moon of La Blogotheque fame. In August 2010, Moon and Efterklang's 8 piece-live band met up on an island off the Danish coast.

The objective was to shoot a film. A film with the same length as an album, and a film full of performances, experiments and collaborations. Over an intense period of 4 days Efterklang collaborated with more than 200 local musicians, kids, and parents, creating new performances and interpretations of songs from their album Magic Chairs (4AD, Rumraket 2010).

It was all recorded by Vincent Moon who at the same time conducted several film and musical experiments with Efterklang as his dedicated playmates.

Here's your chance to see the spectacular end product for FREE. Come experience "An Island" in surround sound and all its majestic glory!

The "An Island" movie will be shown for FREE on the Georgia Tech campus in the spacious Student Center Theater, so attendance will be open to students and non-students alike. Bring friends, bring family, but please RSVP on this website if you're "for sure" coming: http://anisland.cc/home/attend-a-screening/

There will likely be room for everyone, but to play it safe RSVP.

Goldsoundz Presents: 'An Island' Free Movie Screening

Time: Wednesday, March 30 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Georgia Tech Student Center Theater (1st floor, across from the Pizza Hut)
350 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA

Parking info: http://www.parking.gatech.edu/PublishingImages/Parking%20Map.pdf

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 March 2011

Kurt Vile - "Freeway"
California Wives - "Guilt"
Brilliant Colors - "You Say You Want"

Silver Jews - "Buckingham Rabbit"
Summer Fiction - "Chandeliers"

tUnE-yArDs - "Bizness"
Back Pockets - "Australia"
Mountain Goats - "Dilaudid"

Fionn Regan - "Violent Demeanour"
La Sera - "Devils Hearts Grow Gold"
Windmill - "Big Boom"

Listen to the archive HERE!

Goldsoundz will not be airing during the next week. We will return to the airwaves on April 12th, 2011.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1 March 2011 - Diamond Rings Session


Coma Cinema - "Her Sinking Sun"
Vivian Girls - "Where Do You Run To"
The Concretes - "Say Something New"
Local Natives - "Wide Eyes"

Thao and Mirah - "Eleven" (ft. tUnE-YarDs)
Rainbow Arabia - "Without You"
Fresh and Onlys - "Waterfall"
Dead Ghosts - "When It Comes To You"
Loch Lomond - "Alice Left With Stockings and Earrings"

Diamond Rings Live at Under the Couch:
- "Something Else"
- "Give It Up"
- "All Yr Songs"
- "Wait & See"

Listen to the archive HERE!

Goldsoundz would like to offer a big THANK YOU to Matt Feury from Under the Couch for recording the session and Diamond Rings for stopping by to play for us.

Goldsoundz will not be airing during the next two weeks. We will return to the airwaves on March 22nd, 2011.

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