Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29 May 2012

Kishi Bashi- "Bright Whites"
Lotus Plaza- "Red Oak Way"
Maximo Park- "Our Velocity"

Erin McKeown- "Delicate December"
The Kills- "Pots and Pans"
The Moldy Peaches- "Jorge Regulo"

Interpol- "C'mere"
The Magnetic Fields- "Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits"
Belong - "Never Came Close"

Radiohead - "Last Flowers"
James William Hindle - "Come Down Slowly"
Sea Snakes - "Conception Bay, South"

Bright Eyes - "A Song To Pass The Time"
Hayden - "Dynamite Walls"

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

22 May 2012

Showcasing artists from Hangout Music festival this past weekend and an interview with Oberhofer

Wilco- "Dawned on Me"

Futurebirds- "Battle for Rome"

Washed Out- "Feel it All Around"

Interview with Oberhofer

Hey Rosetta!- "Seeds"

Memoryhouse- "The Kids Were Wrong"

Spiritualized- "Oh Baby"

The Decemberists- "Clementine"

Young The Giant- "My Body"

Cage The Elephant- "Aberdeen"

Japanther- "Surfin' Coffin"

Hot Chip- "Alley Cats"

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

8 May 2012 - Tennis Special

Interview with Patrick, guitarist of Tennis

Deep in the Woods
Sea Farer

South Carolina
Long Boat Pass

Take Me Somewhere
High Road

My Better Self
Cape Dory
It All Feels the Same

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 May 2012

Zero 7- “In the Waiting Line”
M83- “My Tears are Becoming a Sea”
Peter, Bjorn and John-”Second Chance”

Deep Sea Arcade- “Girls”
M.Ward- “Saturday”
Sleater Kinney- “Tapping”
Miniature Tigers-”Coyote Enchantment”

Foals-”TLF 2″
Clinic- “Monkey On Your Back”
Man Man-”Little Torments”

Breathe Owl Breathe-”Playing Dead”
Emmy The Great- “Aiko”
Beirut- “Carousels”
Cursive- “Sierra”

Crystal Fighters- “Plage”
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